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Shopping without money ...

September 20th, 2008 at 09:26 pm

... in a word, stinks.

As the weather turns cooler, I've come to realize that I really, really need to amp up my wardrobe, particularly in items that are appropriate for work. So this morning, I began the painful process.

Why is it painful? Well, first of all, I love shopping but hate trying on clothes. Hate it.

And, as the blog title explains, when you have no money, it does dampen the fun behind any shopping spree.

Of course, I could just run my credit cards up to the hilt, which would've been my answer last year. This year, though, I have this guilty little conscience, and it's ticking me off, to be quite frank.

But, you know. Whatever. I was going to drive to a thrift store, but it's a bit out of the way, and for whatever reason Atlanta is still out of gas.

I did get a really nice shirt from one of Target's "designer" lines, so y'know ... not a total waste of a day.

And the other positive note ... it made me begin to think about how it's the little things that matter ... it's my favorite time of year. Today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was cool, crisp morning. I used a Starbucks gift card from my grandma to get my fave drink, pumpkin spice latte. I came home and one of my fave movies, Apollo 13, was on TV. Things are good.

So what are the little things that can make or break YOUR day? And what are your favorite things about fall???

4 Responses to “Shopping without money ...”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I also enjoyed the beautiful weather today. With the cooler air and windows open, I've been getting the best sleep!

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    Fall is BF's favorite time of year as well. I am pretty partial to it myself, although Summer might still be my fave. I love the colors of Fall... just realized when trying to "decorate" for the season that our living room is pretty much in Autumn colors already, lol.

    Little things that make my day: a random nice word from someone at work, being able to open the windows at home and let the sun/breeze in, my pup cuddling up beside me and using my shoulder as a pillow. And the easiest little thing to break my day... rudeness!

  3. Go.xtina Says:

    I guess the relax atmosphere. It seem like everything slow down around me.

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    I go to the stores to try on stuff then look on eBay for the same clothes. If you have a favorite clothing brand you likely already know your size and can just check out eBay. Many clothes are 'new with tags' (NWT). and no tax. but shipping (boo!)

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