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I'm your cyster

September 16th, 2008 at 01:22 am

So, apparently I have a cyst in my sinuses, which has been causing me much of my medical woes the past couple of weeks ... I need to schedule surgery with an ENT. Apparently it's out-patient surgery and is minimally invasive? Anyone have any input/advice?

7 Responses to “I'm your cyster”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    Good luck! I hope everything goes well!

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    What is an ENT? I don't know anything about it so I don't have much to offer... except to say that I'm glad you've figured out what it was, and good luck with the surgery!

  3. noexcusebudget Says:

    Hope you feel better real soon!

    Also great job on paying down your debt!

  4. fruitbowlk Says:

    Well wishes.

  5. fern Says:

    I'm happy that it's done on an out-patient basis. You should check wtih doc/nurse whether you should stop any meds you are currently on, and that would include vitamins and supplements, too. Prior to any surgery, you should stop taking aspirin, as that's a blood thinner.

  6. Petunia Says:

    Wish I knew anything that would be helpful. . . but I don't. Best wishes in getting this scheduled and taken care of.

  7. M E 2 Says:

    Unless I am mistaken, an E N T is an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

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