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Plungers are expensive, and other random thoughts

September 11th, 2008 at 01:13 am

So, erm, I realized a little too late this evening that I have no idea where my plunger went to when I moved this past May. I had just stepped out of the shower, too. On went the clothes and off I merrily went to Target to get a plunger (not-so-merrily, actually.)

I probably way overpaid, but the only option they had was $5.64. $5.64!!! I'm sure I way overpaid. But whatever. Again, I had just stepped out of the shower so my hair was soaking wet, my clothes were all askew, and dude, I just wanted a nice quiet evening without having to go out. Fat chance.

The good news is my toilet isn't overflowing. :-)


On a related note, I learned that most single men shop at Target in the early evening hours. Good to know.


Apparently, lesbian couples also shop at Target in the early evening hours. Another useful fact, I'm sure.


I'm going to transfer my highest card balance to a card with 0% on balance transfers. My min. payments have gone up (the year is up, sadly), and even though I can still afford them, it freaked me out just enough.


$36.54 for Frontline for the dog. Flea and tick season are almost over, but I don't like taking chances as we live in an apartment setting. That's with a 15% discount at (and nearly $20 less than at the vet's office.) So I'm fairly happy.


I'm also considering getting a weekend job, which I really don't want to do as I already work 10-12 hour days as it is. BUT the freelance writing thing isn't taking off as I thought it would. And again, while I can still technically manage my debt and expenditures, I'm really tired of feeling like I have no safety cushion. (And I feel this way because I don't, obviously.)


Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice lattes! Guess where I'll be Saturday? (No worries, I have a gift card.)


Geez, it's only 8:12 and I'm ready for bed. How lame am I???

I hope y'all are doing well!

2 Responses to “Plungers are expensive, and other random thoughts”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    I don't think $5 and change could possibly qualify as "way overpaid" for a plunger. I suppose you might be able to find a cheaper one somewhere if you really searched (maybe the dollar store might have one) but tools are one of those things that I believe in spending extra for quality. Honestly, I doubt I would have bought the $5.64 one. I don't know how much mine was, but I'm willing to be it was more than that.

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    The sad thing is, at approximately 8:36 I was thinking that I could probably go to bed myself!

    What types of weekend jobs are you thinking of? I often think that I could try to get something for Sundays or Saturday nights, but then I don't want to leave the pup or BF alone any longer than I already do. Frown

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