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Grocery day ...

August 31st, 2008 at 10:16 pm

I'm still too depressed to add the $400 to my cumulative debt on the left of the screen ... although I'm thinking I may just not include it, and leave this blog to mainly grapple with CC debt. When it comes to priorities, I'm thinking medical debt comes before CC debt. Any thoughts on this?

Other than that, today was grocery shopping day. I went to Wal-Mart and Kroger, and spent $50 (actually $48.97, to be specific.) That includes food for 18 meals, seven snacks, dog food, and laundry detergent. My meals this week include homemade vegetable soup, homemade taco soup, simple salads, sandwiches and frozen pizza.

I'm keeping quiet and staying in until I get to feeling somewhat better. (No one wants to be out with friends in downtown Atlanta and nearly pass out.) So I spent the afternoon reading one of my faves, "Little Women," napping, walking the dog around the apartment complex and watching television. (I figure since I will be canceling my cable soon until I get at least the medical debt paid off, I should get in what I can.)

I'm also going to put up my collection of Sex & the City on Amazon tonight. On one hand I want to scream "Nooooooooo" and run into the sunset ... on the other hand, I don't even really like the show anymore.

Just FYI: Being in debt SUCKS. If anyone is reading this and is just a little in debt, STOP SPENDING RIGHT AWAY AND GET BACK ON TRACK. Do not be like me. Seriously.

That's about all for now ... I'm just going to relax tonight and enjoy having tomorrow off. It will be cleaning day ... there is a 10K on the road I live on tomorrow, so there will be no going out to just putz.

1 Responses to “Grocery day ...”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    "Just FYI: Being in debt SUCKS." --> AMEN, SISTER! Smile
    Sounds like you have some pretty good meals planned, makes me crave soup of some kind, lol. As for the debt, I really don't know, but I would say that medical debt could take a backseat, since they will usually work with you on payments and aren't as quick to report to credit bureaus or raise your interest rate. Maybe?

    You're doing good, don't get depressed like me! Lol... keep plugging along!

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