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August 13th, 2008 at 09:28 pm

A couple of you have mentioned my seeming lack of a 'budget' on some of my previous posts, most notably the ones where I'm feeling a bit down and 'hopeless' about my debt. "If you have a budget, those feelings of hopelessness would go away," they suggest.

Let me make it clear ... of course I have a budget. Just because I don't post every little detail of my personal financial life on an open blog (which, if you do, is perfectly fine - it's just not for me), that doesn't mean I'm just running around blind. I know what comes in, I know what goes out, and I have it down in writing.

Suggesting that a budget should completely take care of any anxiety is a bit extreme. Sorry, but while that may work for some of you, it's not the only factor for me. I still get very depressed over my amount of debt. Not all the time. But yes, some days I do. There's no magical cure for this, methinks. It's a battle, just like weight loss is a battle. Some days will be better than others. As I immerse myself into this new lifestyle, I know it will get easier and easier. But here, at the beginning of this journey, it's still not easy.

If this seems curt or rude, I'm sorry. I don't mean it to be so. I appreciate ALL comments. But I wanted to address that particular suggestion of 'getting a budget.' Right now, it's just not that simple for me.

Just FYI - I don't post my budget because there are a few, um, "frenemies" out there of mine who, by now, probably have some notice of this blog of mine. It's bad enough they know of my debt ... they don't need to know how much I make. Not their business. So it's not a slight to anyone here, or to suggest that anyone here is less than supportive. It's just me being careful, maybe a little paranoid, but probably with good reason.

OK. Again, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I'm not trying to be curt or rude ... I'm just trying to explain. So ... let me have it!

4 Responses to “Budget?”

  1. merch Says:

    Of course a budget is not the end all be all. It is the first step in controlling your money. If you have a budget and are living within it without having to revise it every couple of days, you should feel control over your money. And that was my point.

    I second thing I find that helps is having aggressive goals on paying your debts. Not impossible but aggressive. This allows you to see progress and feel your are starting to move in the right direction.

    I also think you should pick one debt and focus on paying that off. Pay miniums on everything else. This will help give you some feedback that yes you are moving forward.

    If your debt is really bothering you, maybe you could get another job or second job to boost your income and throw that at your debt.

    No offense just trying to help.

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    I understand how you feel. We have a budget, but it varies every month depending on what odd expense we see (or don't see) coming, etc. I know that the budget helps us, even if it's reminding us that money IS tight when we want to spend on something frivolous. Even if we don't always succeed in sticking to our amounts, it at least gives us a goal to work toward, no doubt much better than it would be if we had none at all.

    Our debt still gets me a little depressed sometimes though. Most of the time, it is when I start thinking about all the other ways we could be using those credit card payments (saving for a house, paying for a wedding, our pup's surgery, etc). But after about a day I usually pull out of it, because the past is the past... and the future depends on what I do every day.

    Just wanted to say that I know how you feel - it's a daily struggle, but you are on the right track!

  3. Aleta Says:

    I agree with Merch about being aggressive about one debt at a time while paying the minimum on the others. You will be more focused about eliminating your debt when you are throwing any extra money only towards one at a time.

    If you don't want to post your numbers is your business. Some people arent' comfortable doing that because it becomes public.

  4. greengirl Says:

    i have a budget, but it's a loose guide, and i don't think it's ever actually made me not spend any money. i only compare it to what i spend at the end of the month, and then i go 'hmmm... eating in all week this week!!!" or something along the lines of that! Big Grin

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