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When I'm out of debt ...

August 1st, 2008 at 12:23 am

When I'm out of debt ...
When I have a substantial savings account ...
...when I lose 10 pounds (ha!) ...

... I'm treating myself to a one-week vacation in Miami (Key Biscayne?).

I love Miami. I've been twice ... once in high school and once in college. Sometimes I think that's my SOUL city ... the place I was meant to live in. My dream job would be to work at the Miami Herald. Take a boat to work in the morning, do research using the WiFi at some beach-side restaurant in the afternoon and dance all night.

I would love to travel more, and being out of debt would be able to allow me to do just that. So every dollar paid is just a little sweeter than the one before ... one dollar closer to taking control back over my life.

If you're in debt, what's the one thing you can't wait to do? And it has to be FUN ... no putting money in a retirement account. We're ALL doing that ... but even the most frugal of us has at least ONE frivolous thing we want to try. So what is it? Travel? Try a new fancy restaurant? Redo the bathroom? I know some of you are saving for a wedding or to get a pet.

So what is it??? :-)

6 Responses to “When I'm out of debt ...”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    My 'splurge' would be to buy a horse. Thats right an ATM that eats and poops...But I fear I am too financially responcible to ever justify that purchase.

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    I grew up with horses... so I guess either a fancy wedding, or visiting Ireland/Scotland/Alaska/Australia.

    Back when I wanted to be a vet, I always said I would open and manage my own animal shelter, a no-kill of course. I still wish I could do that. Smile

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    I always wanted to open an animal shelter too! Once I get my own place I think we will have alot of pets anyways.

  4. sounderella Says:

    To go to Vegas. I've never been and I sooooo wanna go. DH promised me that we would go once we reach debt free. It's just the little carrot dangled in front of me.

  5. Lady T Says:

    I want to get a dog. I want a little companion, like a Yorkie or a Chihuahua (but I won't buy a purebred one, I will adopt from a shelter) ... by that time I'll probably have an empty nest anyway! Right now we have two cats, and hopefully when the kids are gone (and not living in a dorm) they will each adopt one (I'm allergic anyway). I'd like to move, too. I'm in a rent house and I think I probably will move into either another rent house or an apartment, but I would like something nicer. The place we are in is OLD and needs a lot of work, but the landlord doesn't care to do any more than is necessary. I'd move now if I could afford another deposit and moving expenses. Ah, to dream!! Smile

  6. greengirl Says:

    when i pay off my current car loan... and when we buy and pay off a house... and when we are financially sound... and when i have the money in cash...i want to buy a Nissan 350z Big Grin thats my 'carrot'.

    it's a very expensive carrot...

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