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Numb eyeballs

July 26th, 2008 at 05:28 pm

Had an eye appointment this morning with my new optometrist ... it's a very classy place. A big step-up from the Super Wal-Mart Vision Center! At any rate, to check for glaucoma, she put drops in my eyes that numbed them ... it was a weird sensation for a few minutes.

Anywho, insurance picked up most of it but because I needed a new contact lens fitting the total came to $40.50. Paid for from checking.

I signed up for a Web site that pays for people to take surveys and try sample products (InboxDollars ... see to the left of my blog) ... so far today I made a little over $5! Can't wait to start applying this to my CC debt.

I went out with some friends last night but am looking forward to a quiet night in tonight ... I've been really tired lately. I also need to make some progress on my novel.

I'm absolutely dying to try the new Chinese place (that delivers!), but I think I'll just be making my "fried" rice tonight. Brown rice, chicken, peas, onions, garlic, a little Worcestershire's sauce. I'll brew up some hot tea and call it a night. :-)

Does anyone have any advice on other Web sites I can sign up at to earn money?

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  1. Lady T Says:

    Check out MyPoints. They do the click-thrus and give you 5 points for each one. They also give you points if you shop online with certain merchants. You can get gift cards for all kinds of different places once you earn enough points. If you want to do surveys, try Opinion Outpost. They send you checks, and I think you only have to build up a minimum of $5 to request one (though I wait until I get $10 or $20). I started on both of these sites at the beginning of this year, and I also started wih InBox Dollars at the same time. I have about $18 built up with InBox Dollars so far, and you need a minimum of $30 to request a check. So if I ever reach $30, I plan to request my check and unsubscribe from that one. I like Opinion Outpost a lot; it's been the most profitable one for me so far. Since the beginning of this year, I have received checks totaling $40 from them, and I currently have $15.80 in my account (will request a check at $20). MyPoints has been good to me as well; I have received two $10 cards to Olive Garden (can also be used at Red Lobster), and I will probably have enough points built up in another week to get another $10 card!

  2. Lady T Says:

    Update to earlier comment: I just took a new survey for Opinion Outpost, worth 50 points ($5), which put my balance to $20.80, so I requested a check for $20 ($60 for this year so far)!!

  3. Amber Says:

    I use mypoints to earn points for gc also try lightspead and survey savy

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