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Blogoversary: Part Deux

August 24th, 2008 at 12:22 pm

Two missed blog posts in a row! A friend of mine was in town last night, and we were so busy catching up that I didn't even get online. But I'm back, and plan to continue posting at least daily from now on!

Let's celebrate my one month blogoversary, shall we?

From July 22 to August 22, I eliminated $288.98 of my credit card debt. I have $8,755.09 to go.

If I continue at this rate, my credit card debt will be eliminated in 30 months , or a little over two years.

My goal is to have my credit card debt completely eliminated by December 31, 2009 . That gives me 16 months , or just over one year. (Just a note ... I know this is very ambitious and looks highly improbable, but who cares? I'm paying down the debt one way or another, so let me set an ambitious goal! The hope is that even if it takes longer than 16 months, hopefully it will take fewer than 30!)

Some months will be better than others in chomping away at the debt, but I feel disciplined enough to contribute any extra bonuses, gift money, tax refunds, etcetera to this goal.

So far, I've been very focused on eliminating debt and have pushed saving to the side. I'm carefully carving out room in my budget to set aside a little out of every paycheck to an emergency fund. My goal is to have an EF of $5,000 ... but when? How? Still working on this part of my plan. But we should start seeing my savings go up (even if just slightly) during September.

So here's to another month! Thanks again to EVERYONE in this wonderful community. I'm so glad to be here! :-D

2 Responses to “Blogoversary: Part Deux”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    We're glad you're here too. Smile
    Good job at decreasing your debt, every little bit helps!!!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    Congratulations! Having a goal reallydoes alot to keep you motivated. And being held responcible in this blog community too.

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